Pro Spinae Lumbar Pillow

In normal conditions of use this profile pillow is used in prevention and supportive treatment of the following diseases:

  • degenerative-discopathic changes of the lumbar spine,

  • post-traumatic back syndromes,

  • lumbar spine pain,

  • other diseases according to medical indications.

  • perfectly supports your back

  • provides comfort during work and healthy rest

  • ensures high quality of use thanks to its perfectly fitted cover made of safe distance fabric

  • minimizes sweating problems and helps ventilate the body thanks to its precise corrugating.

Stable suport – foam with optimum hardness

Corrugating – optimal ventilation

Ergonomic profiling

Comfortable use – covered zip

Innovative design

Simple installation – adjustable strap

- The ability to make changes for orders over 500 pieces
- Delivery terms agreed individually,
- Packaging - 5 and 10p.
Raw Materials
- Stencil individual cover for orders over 500 units,
- Packaging English and German (for orders pow.500 pieces. Translating individual)
- Polish high quality of the individual raw materials;
- Payment terms agreed individually
- check the price
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