Pro Vitae orthopaedic pillow

  • perfectly supports your head and neck

  • reacts to body temperature and ensures slow return to the exit point

  • provides comfort and healthy rest

  • mitigates the risk of developing house dust mites and their allergens

  • ensures high quality of use thanks to its perfectly fitted cover made of safe rain- and dots-type fabrics

  • minimizes sweating problems and helps ventilate the body thanks to its precise corrugating.

In normal conditions of use this profile pillow is used in prevention and supportive treatment of the following diseases:

  • degenerative-discopathic changes of the cervical spine,

  • instability of the cervical spine,

  • post-traumatic neck syndromes,

  • cervical spine pain,

  • other diseases according to medical indications.

The pillow may also be used while sleeping or resting by allergy sufferers and healthy people as one of the elements of the multi-directional actions aiming at limiting the exposure to allergens, particularly in allergic diseases prevention and prevention for people excessively exposed to inhalant and contact allergens.

Comfortable use – covered zip

Thermoforming – foam with “memory”

Corrugating – optimal ventilation

- product available in the basic size of 10cm x 30cm x 47cm,
- The ability to make changes for orders over 500 pieces
- Delivery terms agreed individually,
- Packaging - 5 and 10p.
Raw Materials
- Stencil individual cover for orders over 500 units,
- Packaging English and German (for orders pow.500 pieces. Translating individual)
- Polish high quality of the individual raw materials;
- Payment terms agreed individually
- check the price
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